Free Life Advice can be expensive.

We all have people in our lives give us advice either because we ask or they feel it their duty. While that can be very useful and is part and parcel of our human relations with family, friends and work colleagues…sometime we need more ongoing help and if we are honest some of the advice from these sources are tinged with biases and your personal dynamic with them might mean they tell what you want to hear not what you need to hear.

The Goal of a Life Coach…

A life coach is someone you hire to help you deal with life issues, struggles or to achieve a goal your aiming for.   They are there to support you in getting to a better place…including sometimes working out where that destination is; as we don’t always know what we are trying to achieve in life.

What are the benefits of having a life coach?

The major benefit of a Life coach is you investing in you. We spend more and time getting our haircut, buying clothes, going to the gym, even getting educated or skills updated but little in bring focus and discipline to achieve a “Good Life” and for the most part happy.

So here a short list of the benefits of a personal life coach:

  • Safe space to work out what you want and don’t want from your life.
  • Workout what is needed to support you in life to the better you.
  • Make you accountable to yourself.
  • Have someone in your corner who is reliable, consistent and impartial.
  • They also have experience…they’ve seen “this” before. Some have a particular life experience that gives them great insight into your situation.

What can a Life Coach help with?

You might be asking yourself what would be the sort of things in your life might trigger the need for a life coach?

Well, the list of specifics that make up your life, could be very long, certainly unique to you, and not always optional. So, here is a list of triggers that might bring you, to a Life Coach.

  • Do better at work or in Business.
  • Have a better relationship with your Partner or children.
  • To bring balance to your relationship with both work and personal / family life.
  • Find a life partner or getting a job, changing careers, or getting that promotion.
  • It might also be just to enjoy life more or reduce stress…conditions that can spill over into all areas of our lives.

So how do you Choose a Life Coach

There are lots of Life Coaches out there so you need some pointers that will make the selection easier.

  • Find someone that will have the best chance of understanding you and your situation. This a applicable when you are clear what it is you need and you know the areas of life you need help in.   For instance, if you want a Life Coach to be more productive in the workplace, then the Life Coach needs to show that they cover this area. Or if you a women and mother then it would make sense that you found a Female Life Coach because they have experience, empathy and you’ll feel more relaxed discussion the subject. So, try and see some alignment with them.
  • Talk to them. Yes, that right, pick up the phone!!, make a meeting and chat. Most Life Coaches offer a Free Discovery Call and if they don’t then I would avoid them.
  • Rinse and repeat…unless of course you just connect. Its important that you have trust and faith in them from the outset.

How to get the Most out of a Life Coach

Below we discuss the likely costs in having a Life Coach, so if you can understand what are the things that that influence whether it’s a success or not makes sense just from the costs or time and money and lack of an outcome.

  • Be Honest – With yourself and them. Its vital that you aren’t hampering the process by not disclosing the truth. That at the beginning and as you progress.
  • Do the work – If you need to do something to effect change then do it. You can ask for advice and then just ignore it.
  • Keep Showing up. What this means is be consistent in your efforts, no long-lasting change comes in an instant so give it you and them time to get it right.
  • Don’t quit – Super important that you don’t stop, you will be challenged, shit will happen to interrupt your flow, but quitting is the last option.
  • Be prepared to Change – If you are resisting change then you might be sabotaging the whole thing.
  • Have a healthy respect for the Life Coach. They are not the messiah, and they are not the enemy. The number one role of is that they create the time and space for you to work on yourself they can’t manifest the life you want, only you can.

How much does a Life Coach Cost

The costs can vary depending on the Life Coach in question. There is a big range in what people charge.

There are Life Coaches that are so high profile that they charge a lot, and while the draw to a high-profile celebrity coach, might have some appeal, it might not be tailored or personal enough to match what you need. It also might be, so expensive, that you just do not last long enough to get an long term benefits.

How much does a life coach cost in Australia?

Be prepared to pay anywhere from $150 to $600 a session. Booking commitments over a longer time frame is best as most Life Coaches in Australia offer reduce rates for longer time frames and really shouldn’t start if you plan on bailing early. If you have real benefits to gain and then investing the cost price of a round of coffees per day is reasonable investment if it forms the habits, you need, to do better in Life


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