Feeling stuck, burnt out or ready to level up in life?

With life coaching, you will be empowered to step out of your comfort zone and boldly into your FULL potential.

Get ready to ditch self sabotage for self care, overwhelm for calm and people pleasing for genuine fulfilment. I’m here to accelerate your journey to an aligned, authentic and enriched life – whatever that means to you.

Transcend boundaries

A life coach who braves outside the box.

As a passionate women’s life coach and NLP Master Practitioner, I do sh*t differently so you can take inspired action that ignites real change

Here for you at every twist and turn, I’ll shed light on your blind spots, call you out on your old stories and keep you motivated with rain-or-shine hype gal vibes.

In return, you will be able to clear your limiting beliefs, master your emotions and upgrade your behaviours. Equipped with a deep understanding of who you are and where you want to be, we’ll work together to map out a clear path to success!

With a life coach like me in your corner, you can:

  • Define your dream life and the goals to make it a reality
  • Devise a practical action plan to attain these goals
  • Reprogram negative thought patterns that get in the way
  • Bolster your confidence and commitment to face new challenges
  • Find inner peace and develop healthy responses to stressors
  • Enhance your communication skills and connections
  • Bring more joy into your daily routine and relationships
  • Re-energise your mind and body for long-term wellbeing

Let’s f*cking do this.

Meet Kris

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Meet Kris

Get Started Now

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No-BS life coaching, personalised to you.

You are unique, babe. Your collection of past experiences, current needs and future aspirations are yours and only yours. That’s why I tailor my techniques to you, trading the rulebook for bespoke support that can incorporate any or all of the below life coaching services Brisbane women and working and stay at home mums.


This podcast is a space for raw and vulnerable conversations around health, mental wellbeing, relationships, parenting and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Life coaching FAQs to help you decide if it’s the right move forward for you.

Can’t find the information you’re after? Book a complimentary discovery call whenever suits you and we can chat through any questions you have together.

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A life coach is a certified professional who guides you to clarify and fulfil personal goals consistent with your core values.

This support includes helping you to analyse who you are now and where you want to be in life, define your objectives, identify limiting beliefs and develop a practical action plan for success – all while empowering and holding you accountable for change along the way.

Your life coach is trained to know exactly which questions to ask and when, listen to your innermost thoughts and feelings, provide constructive feedback and share powerful tools to help you maximise your potential.

Discover this type of coaching for yourself with a free discovery call.

Life coaching can bring game-changing benefits if you:

  • Are sick of feeling stuck in place or overwhelmed
  • Are tired of trying to please everyone else
  • Have exhausted several self improvement avenues but nothing seems to work
  • Are plagued by your past, which is still a source of pain, sadness or anger
  • Self sabotage positive relationships
  • Are caught in a cycle of negative self talk
  • Have low self confidence or self worth
  • Feel like your life is lacking purpose or direction
  • Have had a baby or experienced another major life change and lost your sense of self in the process
  • Already feel successful and fulfilled but want to raise the bar even higher!

In other words, life coaching is for anyone who wants to achieve MORE, whether or not they have a defined set of goals already. In lots of cases, I help clients in several pillars of life, from physical fitness and mental health to careers and relationships, as they are all inherently connected to one’s overall wellbeing.

Importantly, to gain the full advantages of life coaching, you must be ready to master your emotions, let go of limiting beliefs and get rid of the past programming that is standing in the way of your goals.

Ready to connect with a Online life coach for women? Book a free discovery call today.

To find the right life coach, think about what you are looking to gain from this experience:

What specific goals are you aiming for?

Which techniques are you willing to try to get there?

Are there any types or styles of support that you tend to respond well to?

Whatever the answers, you need a life coach with the proven experience and professional qualifications to guide you effectively in the direction you seek. You should also click on a personal level, because you’ll be spending a lot of one-on-one time together!

To make sure we’re the right fit before you commit, I’ll meet with you on a free discovery call so we can get to know each other a little better. If we’re both happy to continue our coaching relationship from there, we can plan the next session before we part ways.

To prepare for your first life coaching session, please bring a pen and journal with you to a peaceful space in your home where you can be totally uninterrupted.

When it comes to logistics, we’ll map out our session schedule during the discovery call. I’ll also provide you with Kajabi logins, an online client portal where you can keep track of your coaching program, notes and upcoming sessions.

There is no one-size-fits-all life coaching session, so I can’t provide a cookie-cutter answer here. During your initial discovery call, we’ll discuss your story and aspirations so I can determine which type of life coaching is most conducive to your personal growth. I will always tailor the support style, session format and time frame to your needs and preferences.

As an online life coach based in Australia, serving Brisbane and Queensland women and working and stay at home mothers. I run both private and group sessions over Zoom to women around the world.

The cost of life coaching depends on your unique requirements and goals, which affect the extent and nature of services utilised. At Inside Out Coaching, I offer three life coaching packages: Activation, Integration and Transmission.

Not sure where to start? All good, babe. During the complimentary discovery call, we can work together to determine the best plan of action for your needs and budget.

Step boldly into your power, create crystal-clear focus on your future and cultivate a life of intention.

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