Unlock the next-level version of you.

As your self discovery coach, I am here to empower you to reclaim your authentic self and harness the inner power that every woman possesses.

By developing a deep understanding of who you are, you will be able to break through to unprecedented levels of alignment, intention & fulfilment. This is more than ‘mindset tools’ or ‘wellness work’, this is self f*cking mastery.

It’s easy to lose track of your true self

Sometimes life gets in the way… Find your inner fire with self discovery coaching

Stuck in a rut you can’t seem to shake?

Feel like your life lacks purpose or direction?

Quick to criticise yourself but slow to prioritise your best interests?

The answers to overcoming obstacles like these are all waiting to be discovered within YOU. You just need to dig deep to find them.

With 1:1 self discovery coaching, you can decode your innermost feelings, vulnerabilities and aspirations and override past programming that is blocking your progress. We will work together to lay solid foundations for your newfound sense of self, all in a judgement-free space.

Here to guide you through thick and thin, I’ll bring your blind spots to light, share fresh perspectives on your potential and be your 24/7 hype gal as you transcend boundaries

I’ll also call you out on your BS along the way. That means holding you accountable at every twist and turn so that you can accelerate the self discovery process and reap its results ASAP.

Ready to find your fierce self? As your self discovery coach, I’m here to help you gain the clarity and confidence needed to lead the life you’ve always wanted.

When your authentic self shines.

Bloody amazing things happen when you tap into your true self

  • Learn to love you for YOU
  • Realise your purpose
  • Unleash your strengths
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Pursue your true passions
  • Find inner peace and happiness
  • Gain the courage to put yourself first

And that’s just the beginning, babe. Through greater self-awareness and the benefits it brings, you can make meaningful changes to your health, wellness, relationships, career and more.

Take the leap towards your most empowered self with a free, no-strings-attached discovery call.

I do sh*t differently as your self discovery coach.

I know that self discovery is a deeply personal journey. I’ve braved this deep dive, too.

Before my life could switch gears, I had to show the f*ck up for me. I had to take full ownership of my beliefs, emotions & actions. I had to find the right instruments of change for my one-of–a-kind mind. Only then could I integrate self mastery, self belief & radical responsibility.

That’s why my style of self discovery coaching is 100% personalised to you.

There’s no rulebook, no people pleasing and absolutely no BS 

Instead, I think outside of the box to make sure you can find the real you behind all those learned beliefs and behaviours. Discover totally-tailored, straight-shooting support from a certified Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner.


This podcast is a space for raw and vulnerable conversations around health, mental wellbeing, relationships, parenting and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve put together some of my client’s most common queries on self discovery coaching to help you decide whether this is the right path for you.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? No worries, babe. I’m always happy to chat! Book a free discovery call at a time that works for you and we can talk through anything on your mind.

Are you ready for the upgrade?
Book a Free Discovery Call

To understand why self-discovery is so important, you need to consider the pitfalls of being out of touch with your true self.

If you are living a life that clashes with your inner self, it can be extremely challenging to find intrinsic happiness – no matter how rich you are in external rewards…

Consequently, you might expend valable energy trying to manipulate your experiences to make up for this lack of fulfilment.

This ongoing effort can take a serious emotional toll, leading to feelings of guilt, confusion or shame for not living the life you had always envisioned for yourself.

Sound a bit too familiar?

I’m here to help you break this cycle for good together, we’ll work to reclaim your self awareness and confidence so that you can lead a truly fulfilled life.

Book a complimentary discovery call to get started!

Self discovery is about looking past particular goal posts to learn how you can live happily as your most authentic self. It is not about mending your friendship with Sarah, losing ten pounds or securing that promotion at work – these are all specific objectives. Instead, you must focus on building the strong foundations within yourself to find genuine fulfilment in the life you lead.

My role as your self-discovery coach is to be your co-pilot during the ups and downs of this transformative process. Via structured 1:1 coaching sessions, I will cheer you on, challenge you, check on you and guide you through change as you work to find your true self.

To get the ball rolling, please book a complimentary call.

Generally, I suggest undertaking at least 12 weeks of self discovery coaching sessions. This will enable us to implement effective strategies for you to achieve your goals without rushing the process.

Remember that this is not an overnight transformation – it takes time to build confidence, strengthen awareness and gain clarity. But WOW, is it worth it!

The structure and schedule of your self discovery coaching sessions will always be tailored to your needs. That said, your self discovery coaching session will usually last one hour and take place once a week online. Although based in Australia, my flexible schedule means time zones and work hours are never an issue. Wherever you are in the world, I’ll make it work ?

To prepare for a self discovery coaching session, please find a peaceful space where you can take part without distraction. The other things you need to bring along are a journal and pen.

Don’t worry about any other logistics beforehand. During the initial discovery call, we will take the time to map out available slots for our weekly sessions.

From then on, I’ll be guiding each session from start to finish – all you have to do is come with an open mind and a commitment to becoming your best self.

The cost of self discovery coaching depends on your requirements, preferences and goals. Remember that this is an invaluable investment in YOU.

At Inside Out Coaching, I offer three different pricing plans to cover all the bases: Activation, Integration and Transmission (check them out here!).

During your complimentary discovery call, I’ll recommend the most suitable course of action and its associated pricing plan. You can also rest easy knowing there’ll be no hidden or climbing costs down the line – my fees are fair and flexible to your needs.

Once you’ve made up your mind to take the leap, it’s easy to begin your journey to self discovery – simply book a complimentary call whenever suits you best.

If we vibe, I’ll prepare a coaching plan that makes sense for your aspirations, schedule and budget. From there, we’ll kickstart our weekly sessions and you can work your way to an aligned and intentional life

Step boldly into your power, create crystal-clear focus on your future and cultivate a life of intention.

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