I’m Kris. I’m a Health and Mindset coach.

I’m here to support you in uncovering your limiting beliefs, take radical responsibility for your life’s path, tap into your unconscious desires and reignite your fire. I’m a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Certified in Emotional Change Therapy & Hypnosis. I’m a Mama of 2, and step mama of 2 bringing my tribe total to 4 kids and my incredible husband.

I’ve done the courses, tried the diets, tried all the fads the health and wellness space has to offer and surprise surprise - nothing stuck.

Until I started doing the deep work, the work that felt a little uncomfortable all the $hit that flipped my past beliefs and upgraded a whole new system of self love, inspired action and confidence to conquer my world. Coaching with me is a little outside the box.. we do shit differently at Inside Out. My realm is a whole new dimension of taking inspired action. I’m here to call out your BS, ditch the people pleasing, self sabotage and support you to break free of your limiting beliefs holding you back from stepping into your power.

I am a mama of 4 (2 bonus daughters and 2 of my own), wife and successful business owner.

I host a podcast with a passion and heart led purpose to bring women more tools and resources to support their journey in motherhood, health and wellbeing. I’ve been on a journey of Self Discovery for over a decade and done all the ‘things’ the health and wellness space encouraged me to integrate into my lifestyle.

I’m ready when you are.
Nothing changes if nothing changes. I am wholeheartedly committed to YOU! I will call your BS, shake your belief system and tap into your unconscious desires to live life.

And they were all great. But nothing changed.

  • Until I healed.
  • Until I cleared my limiting beliefs
  • Until I took full responsibility for my life

Until I decided I didn’t just want to discover myself, I wanted to become a MASTER of my life. To step into Self Mastery, I needed to tap into my deep unconscious beliefs and take complete ownership of my life. I cut the BS stories I had in the past recycled for years and started showing the f**k up for ME.

Somewhere between being inspired little girls, doting mothers, career driven leaders, we lose the part of ourselves that wants to fight to be the best version of US. The chef, the cleaner, the taxi service, the counsellor. We start living for everyone else but ourselves. You are worthy of time for yourself, space to breathe, move and be.

Are you ready for the upgrade? — Become a master of your emotions
Why do people come to me?

My coaching is for you if...

You are done with overwhelm, feeling stuck and burnt out. You are done pleasing everyone around you. You have been on a cycle of wellness burnout – trying ‘all the things’ and nothing sticks. You have the past replaying in your mind constantly, anchoring sadness and anger in your everyday. You feel like you don’t have purpose. You self sabotage your relationships. Your stuck in a loop of negative self talk You feel unclear in direction You lack confidence

Or maybe you have the major limiting belief that had me personally stuck for YEARS.. You’ve become a mum… now what? Is this it? Isn’t there more to this life? Who am I? You are ready to be a master of your emotions, release your limiting beliefs and ditch your past programming that is holding you back! You want to step boldly into your power, create crystal clear focus on your future and take leaps to cultivating a life of intention

Mentoring & Coaching Experiences