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The Integration

Bringing together smaller components into a single system that functions as one. Are you ready to decode the smaller components of you and integrate the single systems that hold excellence, self belief and success?

  • You feel unworthy
  • You feel not good enough
  • You have a fear of judgement
  • You have a fear of failure
  • You cannot find flow and balance in your world
  • You struggle to transcend or cultivate boundaries
  • You’re stuck in who you are vs who you want to be
  • You want to uncover your shadows
  • You want to take intentional action to step into your power
  • You want to clear your limitations
  • You want to cut the energetic cords stopping your success

We work at speed here, delving deep into your limiting beliefs like fear, guilt, sadness, shame and anger. Supporting you to ditch the overwhelmed and anxious patterns holding you back from cultivating a life of alignment & intention.

We uncover your blind spots and leaky energy. We dive into the shadow work to unpack all the unhealthy relationships you have with yourself ingrained deeply through years of conditions, ‘good little girl’ social constructions and permission slips.

  • This is beyond ‘mindset work’
  • This is beyond ‘wellness tools’
  • This is the art of self fucking mastery

This is the work of conquering your confidence, igniting your internal fire and switching those damn gears in your world and becoming the woman you are here to be!

12 Weeks 1:1 60 minute zoom calls + Voxer support + Weekly Tasking, Accountability.

Think about it like this: You have a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner in your back pocket available to YOU to move through growing pains, move through life’s challenges and be your hype gal 110% while you decode your internal systems and unleash the next level version of you

$3,300 - Investment Plans Available
Our Offers


The 1:1 transmission is the 6 month mentorship for the woman who is truly ready for the next level of integration.

The vibe calling out your BS on old stories that are owning your ability to propel forward. 24/7 Accountability. Diving into the depth of your shadows, integrating a new system of radical responsibility and transcendent boundaries.

This is potent, high level coaching integration with unlimited support while you explore the depths of who you are and who you are here to be.

6 months, 1 hour zoom calls, tasking & accountability. Voxer Support.

We focus on:

  • Building emotional intelligence
  • Quantum Leaps
  • Anchoring Integrity & Core Values
  • Strategic Life Mapping
  • Goal Setting
$6,000 - Investment Plans Available

Mentoring & Coaching Experiences