Step boldly into your personal and professional power.

The path to personal growth brings all sorts of setbacks, plateaus and breakthroughs.

When you embark on this winding journey alone, your habits, biases and preferences can keep you stuck in place or overshadow opportunities for self improvement. That’s where I come in As your life mentor, I’ll be by your side to man your blindspots, share my own personal learnings and provide no-BS support for as long as you need. Together, we’re going to dive into the depths of your shadows and propel your life forward.

Here's what I do

What is a life mentor?

In it for the long term, a life mentor guides, advises and supports you in real time as you navigate problems and opportunities that come your way.

My role is to catch any mindsets, feelings or behaviours that are holding you back, and empower you to embrace the positives that will unleash your full potential.

To do this, I’ll draw on first-hand experience of stumbling blocks and quantum leaps, applying my own personal learnings to help you transform your life.

Here’s just a handful of situations that life mentorship can help with:

  • Burnout and lack of motivation
  • Self sabotage and unhealthy habits
  • Perfectionism and procrastination
  • Blurry boundaries and poor self care
  • New prospects and paths to success
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Your Life Mentor

As your life mentor and a NLP Master Practitioner, I’ll utilise a repertoire of personalised strategies to help you explore the depths of who you are now and who you are here to become.

Expect no-BS mentorship with boundless support.Together, we’ll bolster your emotional intelligence, anchor your integrity and core values, set defined goals and devise clear life maps to help you achieve them. And throughout it all, I’ll be calling you out on any old habits that stand in the way of your self development.

Unlike a structured coaching program, our relationship will follow a more casual, always-on approach – we’ll be able to catch up whenever and wherever works for you.

Think of me like a life co-pilot in your pocket.

How we can help you

What You Will Gain

True change came when I finally committed to myself.

I had to integrate self mastery, self belief and radical responsibility before I received quantum leaps in my business (and relationships). Now, I’m making my boss b*tch dreams a reality while LOVING life. I know what it took to get here and I am ready to help you do the same.

I’m your hype gal, 24/7 in your back pocket, here to call you out on self-sabotaging sh*t and dig deep to discover the conscious and unconscious drivers behind your decision making.

Together, we’re going to uncover new opportunities to get you to where you want to be in business and life. Put yourself first and success will follow in ways you never imagined.

Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Weekly 1:1 1 hour zoom calls
  • Regular tasking
  • 24/7 accountability
  • 6 months of mentorship
  • Unlimited Voxer support


This podcast is a space for raw and vulnerable conversations around health, mental wellbeing, relationships, parenting and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve put together some more information on life mentorship to help you work out whether this is the support you need.

Can’t find the information you’re searching for? I’m happy to chat, babe. Book a free discovery call and we can talk through your questions together.

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There are all kinds of advantages to having a life mentor in your corner. Let’s count the ways…

1. I’ll hype you up when you’re feeling down

Feeling deflated or overwhelmed? When you’re tempted to throw in the towel, I’ll be here to remind you of your strengths and the bright future that awaits so you can push forward.

2. I’ll believe in your abilities, even if you don’t

It’s easy to doubt yourself when you feel like you’re not achieving your goals. But I can step back and see your true potential. My confidence in your power will ignite your own self belief.

3. I’ll call you out on BS old habits

To make sure you get real results, I’ll cut out the sugar coating. That means holding you accountable for your actions or lack thereof and identifying areas of personal growth that we can work on together.

4. I’ll ask tough questions to spark change

Putting off our most challenging conversions is something we’ve all been guilty of at some time or another. But to move forward, you have to move through he tough times. I’ll bring up the big questions and help you follow your intuition so that you can take the greatest leaps.

5. I’ll help you set crystal-clear goals…

When you feel lost in life, it can be difficult to define your circumstances and pinpoint the solutions. I can look at your story through fresh eyes and help you to set specific objectives that crystallise the life you’ve always envisioned in your head.

6. … And cultivate a path to reach them

Once you know the end goal, it’s time to figure out how to bring them to fruition. As your life mentor, I will help you to create a clear map to get you to where you want to be. I’ll also be there for the ride, making your journey a whole lot easier and more enjoyable!

7. I’ll share my own learnings in life

You can take advantage of what I’ve learned from my own personal experiences, applying this first-hand knowledge to your own life. I’ve been in your shoes, I’ve faced your fears and I know what it takes to achieve self mastery. Now, I’m so excited to share this wisdom with you.

8. I’ll empower you with the right resources

As a certified life coach, NLP Master Practitioner and qualified hypnotherapist, I’ve got the accreditations, experience and technical tools to provide unparalleled support throughout life’s twists and turns. And it’s all at your disposal if you want it.

Ready to reap these benefits for yourself? Book a free discovery call and let’s see what you could achieve with me as your life mentor!

I can be your life mentor for as long as you want, babe. It’s initially actioned under my six-month Transmission coaching programbut we can extend this support indefinitely.

Life mentorship is delivered through a variety of online mediums, including weekly Zoom sessions and unlimited Voxer support. That means you can access this game-changing support from anywhere in the world – all you need is a solid internet connection and you’re ready to go!

The cost of life mentorship depends on how long you would like my guidance for. It is covered under my Transmission coaching program, an investment in yourself that costs $5,555 for six months of limitless support.

Step boldly into your power, create crystal-clear focus on your future and cultivate a life of intention.

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