Clear your mind of trauma and limiting beliefs.

Your perceptions, emotions & actions today have been shaped by a lifetime of experiences. Even if you found the strength to overcome a traumatic event, it may have elicited unconscious beliefs that continue to hold you back.

The good news? While you can’t turn back time, you CAN reprogram learned response mechanisms. As your Emotional Change Technique narratives that fuel personal growth. Let’s upgrade your life, babe.

A powerful modality

What is the Emotional Change Technique?

The Emotional Change Technique is a powerful modality created by Elizabeth Ann Walker that brings the past & future to now so you can reconcile & improve beliefs, allowing you to move forward with wisdom rather than being stagnant in trauma.

Grounded in the concept that memories are stored in a linear manner, this approach guides you back through time to reframe restrictive thought patterns associated with past experiences. Together, we’ll strip away self-sabotaging beliefs surrounding rejection, success and failure, as well as negative emotions like shame, sadness, guilt and anger.

In turn, you will be LIBERATED to lead the life you’ve always dreamed of. As a certified Emotional Change Technique Practitioner, I will also help you to extract key learnings from prior life events and leverage this knowledge for future success! Ready to fast track your path to fulfilment?

What I Can Do For You

Your Emotional Change Technique and NLP Master Practitioner.

One of only 200 coaches world wide qualified as an Emotional Change Technique Practitioner. I have trained directly under its inventor.

Elizabeth Ann Walker

And I am SO excited to help you discover this revolutionary modality for yourself.

I’ll be by your side throughout the entire process, hyping you up, holding you accountable and helping you to harness the conscious and unconscious beliefs behind your behaviour. I’m also an NLP Master Practitioner, hypnotherapist and life coach, and will incorporate complementary methodologies wherever best. You won’t find any rulebooks or cookie-cutter tactics here – just personalised support to ensure you can scrap the internal systems that no longer serve you.

Learn how the Emotional Change Technique can help you to move forward with a free discovery call.


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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve put together some more information on the Emotional Change Technique to help you better understand whether this is the right approach for you.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? I’m always here to chat. Simply book a free discovery call and we can discuss your questions together.

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The Emotional Change Technique is most suitable for people with anxiety and stress-based conditions who want to eliminate limiting beliefs that are preventing them from achieving their goals. Common concerns that can be reconciled with this modality include imposter syndrome, exam nerves, phobias, PTSD, trauma, unresolved anger and depression.

To learn more about this life-changing technique, please book a free discovery call today.

During your session, I will guide you into a deeply relaxed state wherein you can visualise an imaginary timeline of your life. From there, we will work together to help you pinpoint particularly strong memories along this timeline.

Through a series of steps, I will challenge and encourage you to break free from the unwanted emotion attached to the earliest event on the timeline. Even if your memory of an early event is hazy, you may still be able to identify the intense emotion associated with it. Either way, the Emotional Change Technique process can help you to disconnect from these past feelings and move forward.

I focus on three fundamental factors when utilising the Emotional Change Technique

Negative emotions

First, we will work to release unwanted negative emotions from the memories they stem from. With anger, guilt, shame, fear, sadness or anxiety no longer holding you back, you will be free to behave in your best interests moving forward.

Limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs also stand in the way of your full potential, pushing you to follow unconscious rules that are rooted in previous experiences. The Emotional Change Technique enables you to leave these detrimental thought patterns in the past and from your memories instead.

Future goals

The final focus of the Emotional Change Technique is to create a simple and structured path to achieving your life goals. You will be encouraged to use your imagination as you envision your dream future and find inspiration to bring desired outcomes to fruition.

The answer to this completely depends on your personal circumstances. Your life is one of a kind, and the collection of memories, emotions and habits you’ve formed along the way are just as unique. Therefore, while many clients notice positive change in just a few sessions, others with more complex conditions, such as trauma or PTSD, may need to work at it a while longer.

That said, this technique is favoured for its fast and lasting results! Its process allows you to clear entire chains of an emotion instead of having to work through each emotion one at a time (like many other emotional release modalities).

To kickstart your journey to a more fulfilled life, book a free discovery calltoday.

Please bring a journal, a lit candle and some water for your first session. Thereafter, I’ll let you know in advance if you have any tasks to complete before our next catch up!

When it comes to logistics, we will map out available times for our weekly sessions during your initial discovery call. You’ll also receive your login to your exclusive client portal, which enables you to keep track of your progress, notes and upcoming sessions in one place.

I may be an Emotional Change Technique Practitioner in Australia, but I provide support to women all over the world. Online sessions are held over Zoom for total convenience, no matter your location.

These sessions will always be 100% personalised to YOU, so the duration and format will vary. That said, each session typically takes one hour, once a week.

The cost of your Emotional Change Technique sessions will vary depending on your requirements and aspirations. To cover all the bases, I offer three pricing packages: Activation, Integration and Transmission. 

During your free discovery call, I’ll take the time to listen to your needs and goals before recommending the best course of action for you.

Ready to invest in yourself and your future? Let’s chat!

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