They are deeply ingrained to us, and create roadblocks on our desires, goals, relationships and ultimately block our success.

Often limiting beliefs can look like life’s rules: good vs bad, right vs wrong, they are learnings we embody throughout our life journey that limit us in some way.

Eg: Have you ever been told you were too confident? Did that comment create a block within you towards owning your confidence because you feel a fear of judgement? (what others think)

  • How often have you not spoken up when you had something to say?
  • How often have you apologised for sharing your opinion?
  • How often have you questioned yourself before doing something, you wanted to do?
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These are your limiting beliefs
Limiting beliefs are the internal conflicts we experience in everyday life

Not good enough, unworthy, unlovable, lonely, fear of failure, fear of rejection, self judgement, fear of judgment, fear of success, people pleasing.

Limiting beliefs can also be the experiences we encompass. Sadness, anger, hurt, shame, guilt, fear. Often these particular negative emotions and limiting beliefs are conditioned in childhood and are held in our unconscious creating behavioural patterns that allow us to feel ‘less than’

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