Lets use the gym as an example, you start a new program you have that motivation for the first week and by week 2 you are coming up with reasons why you can’t do what you told yourself you would do. You start breaking those promises to you and you stop showing up. Then its week 4, and you haven’t been to the gym for a week. You tell yourself, and anyone else that will listen its because you are ‘unmotivated’. Humans are a creature of habit.

Habit formation takes discipline, it takes consistency and repetitive action which our unconscious mind loves to receive Motivation comes and goes, discipline takes brain power, it takes mind over matter it takes inspired action. Making plans and showing up with intention, excuses are optional everything is a choice.

There is a major difference when we looks at genuine causes as to why you cannot continue towards a specific goal or outcome to creating your own problems and getting in your own way

Self sabotage

Sometimes we create our problems by finding excuses.

We unconsciously seek justification for our behaviours, rather then voicing out loud ‘I am not going to show up for myself by choice’ we create a problem like ‘I’m not feeling like it today, Ill restart again on Monday’.

It’s a thought pattern that enables justification for our excuses. It allows the choice we make, to be ‘socially acceptable’ What happens when you have to go to the toilet in the middle of the night? You get up. We have a physical need, and we wake up, get out of our nice warm bed and go to the toilet. Because we need to, yes?

The things that we say we are going to be consistent with, and then rely on motivation to keep us consistent.

So what would happen, if we looked at our goals, our desired outcomes in this life.

The things that we say we are going to be consistent with, and then rely on motivation to keep us consistent.

What would happen if we reframed each of these to being a necessity?

  • I need to move my body today
  • I need to fuel my mind with brain food today
  • I need to talk this out with my life coach
  • I need to make time to read my book today

What would happen if we reframed the language towards each of these needs, cultivating each as being all non negotiable?

The unconscious mind does not receive negatives, so each goal or desired outcome is received unconsciously as positive language which actives our conscious mind to take action.



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