It might seem like a morbid experience and this process for me, among many of my Mindset coaching clients has been a cathartic experience. It allows you to zoom out on the current lens of life, and zoom in to what life truely means to you.

When all the materialistic things like, the cars, the houses. When all the surface level worries like, the extra weight your carrying, the self inflicted negative thoughts, the financial pressure, the long working hours, the stubbed toes and messy homes.. When these problems that seem to carry such weight in our worlds are all removed.. what is really in your life?

This process allows you to become really clear on what’s important to you.

What is of value to you in your life, who is of most value to you in your life. And when you can identify what is truely of significance, the sadness and grief upon writing your own eulogy reframes to gratitude. If you were to go into a nursing home, and ask around to each man or woman what they wished they had done more of here’s a list of some of the things they would tell you:

  • I wish I cared less what people thought
  • I wish I wore what I wanted
  • I wish I followed my heart
  • I wish I said what I wanted to say
  • I wish I had spoken up more
  • I wish I danced more
  • I wish I hadn’t worked so hard
  • I wish I let busyness define my life

Here’s why this process will support you.

We have limited time on this earth, and becoming aware of what is truly important to us allows us to live with less fear and more intention. And when we commence living a life of intention, alignment follows. And when we are living in alignment to our core values and our true desires we uncover we find our happiness. So I invite you to sit with this for a moment.

What is truely important to you?



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