1 – Know what success means to you.

How highly do you truly value being successful? What does success look like? How will you know you have it when you do? These are great reflection questions to journal on to create a bond between yourself and your relationship with what it means to you.

2 – Stay Focused.

Where focus goes energy flows There will be distractions, excuses and lessons in the past you may have only known as failures. They will continue to come to you as the universe tests your resilience and your commitment to yourself. Stay focused.

3 – Mind Body & Soul.

Have you heard the story about first the feather, then the brick then the truck? If you don’t take take of these foundational elements in your physiology you will be forced to. Nourish your body mind & soul whilst you embark on your journey to success.

4 – Time Management.

Cut the cord on anything that does not serve your time physically, emotionally or spiritually. Outsource every task you can that is not your area of expertise. Time block your day, include things like sex, a bath, or any self care practices you know you need for your mind and body function at its best.

5 – Ahhh the comfort zone.

Quite warm here isn’t it? Its where you feel like you are cuddled up on the lounge on a winters night with your ugg boots on. It feels safe, and familiar right? Think of summer as a kid, the first time you slid down the backyard tarp washing detergent slippery slide, or the first time you jumped off the rocks into the ocean with your friends at the beach. That moment captivated in time as a feeling of adrenaline and risk, and yet such a monumental moment in time of pure joy. Why? Because on the other side of your comfort zone is fear, and once you move through the fear you will only discover that is where growth hangs out. And growth, is the surest way to success in any successful persons opinion.

6 – Self Mastery.

Become a master of your mindset, a master of your emotions. Clear your limiting beliefs that hold you back, clean up your internalised negative thoughts creating a pattern of self sabotage that disrupts your journey to success

7 – Gratitude.

Practice gratitude daily, for all things.

8 – Create Healthy Habits

Micro habits support macro goals. You know how you brush your teeth every single day, twice a day from as long as you can remember and you do this until you die? And you know how, at 1-3 maybe as old a 5 this wasn’t something that came to mind to action twice daily, you were encouraged and reminded by someone who had more experience in life to know this was what your teeth needed you to do to everyday twice daily in order for them to be healthy. Cleaning your teeth is a micro habit, that supports the macro goal of healthy teeth throughout your lifetime. You didn’t pick this up by simply doing it once, it required instruction and repetitive action to create this habit. This maps directly across to any habit, any one thing you don’t already have in place that is support your health goals requires instruction and repetitive action to create the macro goal.

9 – Reframe The Narratives

How can the stories that have been created through societal constructions over time become an opportunity for success? Well, it can be simple. Reframe. A life challenge? Reframe: How is this an opportunity? Not making enough money? Reframe: Where can I create more money? I’m triggered? Reframe: Why is this activating me right now?

10 – We are all going to die.

This is your final piece to the puzzle. We have one life, one incredibly gifted life. Not everyone had this opportunity to be in this life like you did. What life are you willing to create to not waste a single moment of it?


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