This weeks lesson… but first this months 3 affirmations.

✨I’m not here to play small.

✨I am taking back my power.

✨What you allow will continue.

In a timely manner the universe sent me this via email, via my all time hype girl Katie Dean.

She wrote: Your truth is your truth. No one can take that. Your values are your values. No one can take them. Your relationships are your relationships. No one can join you in that. So let people say, do, or feel how they want. It’s not your job to convince them that you’re right.

Wo, ah.

For the last few years I’ve quietly sat and observed behaviours and tolerated toxicity where I should have protected my energy being exposed to it.

I recently listened to an episode of my favourite podcast the healthy hustlers where Madelyn interviewed guest Sophie Guildolin. They talked about ALOT of powerful tools we can use to manifest and create better boundaries for ourselves but the part that really stood out for me was at the end of the interview Mads asked Sophie her favourite quote and she said “Be kind, and soft… but take no shit.”

When did I start taking people’s shit?

It got me thinking, being one for not wanting conflict or confrontation, I hibernate. I recluse. I don’t confront, openly communicate or discuss further I just go into this shell that is too anxious to deal with unacceptable behaviour. Well, fuck that. I look back on my 21 year old self.. she was strong, kind, compassionate, loving, and stood up for her beliefs. She backed herself wholeheartedly. I walked into every job interview I went for with the highest belief it was mine & I got it. Every time. When did I stop believing I was capable? When did I start trying to please even the people who have gone out of their way to hurt me? When did their opinions of me start being more valuable then the opinion I had of myself? I know when. When I felt shame. I made a error in judgement a long time ago. Every single person has done so whether you care to admit your wrong doings or not. Was it a mistake? No, absolutely not. The universe works in magical ways and placed me on a path I was always supposed to be on. I believe that in my soul. But I’ve punished myself and acted from a place of shame for longer then I care to admit. I’ve over compensated, people pleased, and exposed my energy to have been sitting at such a low vibration for such a long period of time, that I have literally been calling in toxicity and drama from the universe.

Well, what you allow will continue.

Im not here to play small.

I am taking back my power.

I will come from a place of kindness, remain soft, but I am done taking shit.

And you should be too.

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