I have wanted to be teach and help people for as long as I can remember, but a few different circumstances told me the universe had other plans and I went in other directions. But that fire didn’t burn out.

I performed roles throughout my adult career that entailed managing people, training co workers and teaching my existing profession. And that what the part I thrived on. Those were the moments in my profession and businesses that lit me up and brought the joy.

Upon reflection about stepping back to my business full time after some time off with my newborn, I knew my heart wasn’t in the right place for it. But, being a stay at home mum to my son wasn’t giving me that fire.

Alas, Inside Out with Kris was born.

I have been blessed these past few years to have connected with some unbelievably successful businessmen & women. I have also experienced many ups and downs through my own health journey which put me in the circle to be surrounded by some of the best trainers, health coaches and wellness experts. I have learnt so much in this time. I feel being educated about my body, mindset and nutrition has set me up for for more success in my life & I wish I had the opportunity to have this all of this information shared to me in powerful half hour podcasts, my journey would have fast tracked years ago.

But that’s why I am here, I want to share with you.

I want to open the door to the questions you don’t ask out loud & I want to hear conversations that bring awareness to topics being sheltered or thrown under the rug, while delivering conversations through shared experiences that cultivate living your best, healthiest self.

Diving deep into discussion, from the Inside -Out.


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Inside Out with Kris Podcast

This podcast is a space for raw and vulnerable conversations around health, mental wellbeing, relationships, parenting and more.

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