See, challenges are often associated with as being ‘hard, difficult’ cultivating a sense of ‘overwhelm’ or us being triggered with a stress or anxious response.

But, change is good.

Change is new.

Change is growth and expansion.

We are humans, we are SUPPOSED to evolve.

How can we grow if we aren’t moving through the ‘growing pains’ or being put in situations where we are forced to learn.

I started at a local Crossfit gym 2 weeks ago. And my second week in, I noticed I wasn’t challenging myself how I know I am capable of. Ie, getting upside down on the wall, lifting an uncomfortable weight, doing push ups on my toes… these progressions are somewhat advanced. I’ve avoided challenging myself to this scale because I felt

           a. fear of failure

           b. looking like a fool attempting such simple movements for so many

           c. to be totally honest I was genuinely concerned for my pelvic floor doing a handstand, going on a swing at the park makes me feel nauseous.

Anyway on my drive into the gym at 4:55am last Friday morning the quote ‘If its not challenging you, its not changing you’ and ‘Nothing changes, if nothing changes’

And there it was. I had put a limitation on myself from fear of failing, and fear of judgement.

So, I decided that very second moving forward, I wouldn’t hold back.

I got out, of my OWN way.

And what do you know, ya girl was upside down doing handstands like she never stopped.

My point is, when we face a challenge, something that makes us feel discomfort, we aren’t sure because we don’t have a definitive answer in front of us displaying our abilities (this goes for both in our emotional practices and physical) sit in it for a second. Be curious with this. Ask yourself why? How can I go inward on this limitation? Why does it feel uncomfortable?

I would like to add, if questioning the discomfort leads to anything surrounding your fear of what someone else may or may not think. I would like to give you a friendly reminder, that person or that group of people do not give a f*&k what your doing. And if you cannot name that face that your worried about judging you, then they don’t exist. Its the story you are telling yourself. So get out of your own way, get on those roller skates and ride, go upside down on the wall at your Crossfit class, go try that pole dancing class. Do whatever sets your soul alight, and you can find joy in.

I hope you took something from my lesson this past week.

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Love Kris x


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