Nicola Laye is a breath works facilitator, and has spent the last 2 decades passionately and actively supporting women as Women’s Health & Pregnancy Practitioner.

Nicola has a strong passion to share her knowledge in supporting women throughout various stages of life recently focusing on the transformations we experience throughout motherhood.

In this episode we unpack how breath adds value in your day to day, and how her work is connecting you to your inner self in a profound way.

We delve into the transitional season of motherhood where both Nicola and I share our journey with post natal depletion, along with how her coaching impacted my recent birth with my daughter.

This conversation has so may takeaways for all women, so for those who may not be in the season of motherhood this episode is absolutely for you.

I hope this conversation brings you as much light and insight as it did for me.

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For resources supporting Postnatal depletion:

Dr Erin Bowe (Clinical Psych)


Beyond Blue:



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