Joining me on this weeks episode of Inside Out is Melissa Finlay. Melissa is a Women’s Health holistic Nutritionist, she has completed her Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, she is a Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer and Mama of 2. Melissa is also the Founder of The Amazing Mums Academy, a place where Melissa supports you on your journey to vitality and wellness.

Melissa specialises in women’s health, and has taken a personal interest in supporting mums overcoming things like nutrition depletion which often leads to mothers being overwhelmed, anxious and in some cases developing chronic illness.

Melissa’s mission is to support as many women as she can going through this season of life. She educates women by teaching them how they can use food, nutrition & leveraging the power of their hormones to feel energised and happy from the inside out.

In this episode Melissa shares her mission, and we dive into all things women’s health and hormones. Melissa shares simple and effective habits to inject into our day to day to ensure we provide our bodies with what it needs for us to thrive. We talk about the hormonal changes we go through as we transition from pregnancy to post partum and what our bodies crave in this time. Melissa shares how we can fuel our bodies AND brains without the stress and fuss.

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To connect with Melissa:

Instagram: melfinlay_nutritionist


The Amazing Mums Academy is a community of women who Melissa supports in their journey to vitality and happiness, to learn more about this head over to


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