Episode 13 is shared with Margot Broug. Margot is a Holistic Counsellor & Body-Oriented Psychotherapist. In her practises she uses a range of therapeutic modalities such as meditation, mindfulness, body-oriented psychotherapy and reiki. Margot is a professional in the field of navigating & understanding human behaviours.

In this conversation, Margot and I dive into the term ‘Narcissism’ and what that identifies as in adulthood. We talk about where we as humans begin hosting narcissistic traits in our behaviours and how this reflects on our children’s growth as parents. Margot also shares how could be displaying these behaviours to our relationships and how we evolve into our higher selves by identifying this.

To connect with Margot

Website: www.margotbroug.com.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MargotSophiaBroug

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