Who is in the drivers seat of you life babe? 🚀 As a Mother, partner, business woman, or just downright busy person, it’s easy to put others needs before our own, and feel we cannot change our minds on what we want as we evolve and change overtime, due to ‘societal expectations’. In this ep, we are here to talk about doing the complete opposite of what you ‘think’ you have to do, and want you to ‘Anchor into your Lobster’ 🦞 Feel the discomfort of change, get out of your current tight shell, generate a new one and embrace the growth from it! Ladies, we are here to encourage you to go and contradict yourself in the most selfish and audacious way, while knowing that it’s ok to say to yourself – ‘I am a fucking great partner, Mother, business woman but I. AM. WORTH. BEING. SELFISH and it is FUCKING. SEXY’ 💅🏼


Are you ready for the upgrade?