Episode 55 with guest Cristi Cristensen. Cristi is a global empowerment coach and author of the newly released book, Chakra Rituals: Awakening the Wild Woman Within. She’s the creator of Soul Fire, a unique style of yoga that incorporates dance, meditation and mudra practices, and the co-founder of the Asia based Kirana Yoga School and US based Deep Exhale, a transformational experience merging breath, music & movement.

Her upcoming book, Chakra Rituals offers a seven-week program to guide readers through the ancient science of Chakras in an easy and accessible way to enliven and empower the reader.. Cristi teaches how to activate each Chakra, to claim your power and positively transform your life.

In this episode Cristi delves into the 7 Chakras and how we can harness our power by understanding each chakra. She shares her teachings & daily rituals that empower her everyday to live in alignment.

We also discuss methods for leaning into your vulnerability to cultivate more balance, acceptance and self-love.

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Purchase Chakra Rituals here ? https://www.chakraritualsbook.com

Connect with Cristi here ? https://www.cristichristensen.com or on Instagram @cristi_christensen


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