Episode 48. This episode is to support mums, step mums, and blended families and bring light to parenting from the lens of step parenting. With a focus on motherhood, co parenting, blending family tips, and lessons learned through navigating parenting amidst having different values and lifestyles. This episode is not to shame, judge or make anyone feel unsupported in their motherhood journey.

**Trigger warning in this conversation we touch on topics like divorce, separation, family court and our experiences with healing our father wound. If you are someone that has had these experiences this episode may not be for you. I would also encourage you to listen with headphones, if little ears are present.**

If you are looking for support for any of the above experiences I have listed some resources below to support you on your healing journey ?

Mental health support:





Co-parenting support:



I hope you enjoy this episode X


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