Episode 42 with my beautiful guest Olivia White. She is a creative, entrepreneur, mother & speaker. Olivia empowers and encourages women to live boldly and unapologetically their best life. She is a women with passion, purpose and drive to deliver to her community on instagram nothing but love and light.

In today’s episode we chat all things motherhood. She shares how she is encouraging self love with her daughters and igniting them to live authentically as themselves. We discuss Olivia’s motherhood season, where she vulnerably shares her birth story and how this impacted her mental health 5 years on. We also dive into social media influencing, online trolling and why she is taking ownership of her life by showing up to her community without any apologies.

To connect with Olivia // Instagram @houseofwhite

Or make sure you check out her incredible blog here www.houseofwhite.com.au where she shares travel tips, parenting, beauty, motherhood & everything in between.

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**Trigger Warning** In this episode Olivia shares her experience with birth trauma, if you are someone who has experienced birth trauma, or any trauma please know this episode may trigger you. Ive listed a range a of resources for you to connect with, if you choose to listen to this episode and it triggers past experiences.

See more on my lesson this week here on the blog ?? https://www.insideoutwithkris.com.au/post/if-it-s-not-challenging-you-it-s-not-changing-you


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