Episode 40 with my beautiful friend Jess. Jess is Mama to Jasmine, Wife to Dax and Practice Manager of Newcastle’s Hunter Plastic Surgery. In today’s episode, we dive into all things motherhood, including the highs and hormonal lows of breastfeeding, and her struggles through giving birth with a society in the depth of COVID restrictions.

Jess shares her first hand experiences working in the plastic surgery industry for over a decade and gives a raw and honest chat on her personal reasons for choosing to make renovations on her body over the years and why we need to let go of the ‘old school stigma’s’ and shame surrounding lip filler, eye brow tattooing, anti wrinkle injections, and breast implants, and live our lives with confidence!

For plastic surgery queries contact the team at Hunter Plastic Surgery:

Hunter Plastic Surgery // www.hunterplasticsurgery.com.au // IG @hunterplasticsurgery

Connect with Jessica on Instagram // @jeskapop

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