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Cherry Ripe Coconut Bites



1 packet Mt Elephant Sour Cherries, Cacao, Almond Superfood Protein Ball Mix (Available at Woolworths and Coles

3 Tbs boiling water

1 Tbs Maple Syrup or Brown Rice Malt Syrup


1 1/2 cups (120g) desiccated coconut

1/4 cup (65ml) coconut oil, melted

2 tablespoons (40ml) maple syrup

1 teaspoons (5ml) vanilla extract

pinch sea salt


1/3 cup (85ml) coconut oil

1/3 cup raw cacao powder

3 tablespoons (60ml) maple syrup or Brown rice malt syrup

  1. Combine all ingredients in the bottom layer in a food processor and blitz until a dough forms. Press into a lined loaf tin and place in freezer to set. Leave in freezer until hardened (30-60 minutes)

  2. Once bottom layer is hardened, add all ingredients to food processor and blitz to form a dough, press firmly over the top of the sour cherry layer and place in freezer to set for 2-3 hours.

  3. When ready to coat, remove from the freezer, trim the edges of the slice (for the chocolate coating to drizzle over the straight edges)

  4. Top Coating - Melt coconut oil in a small saucepan on very low heat and melt it, remove from heat then whisk in the raw cacao powder and maple syrup.

  5. Coat the frozen slice (it should be go hard quickly) sprinkle desiccated coconut on top & then place into the fridge for 30 minutes.

  6. Chop into little bite size slices, the perfect healthy snack for those 3pm (or 9pm) sweet cravings


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