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My lesson this week.

Recently I went through something with someone really close to me where, I felt I couldn’t connect with their version of how my actions had impacted them.

I thought their version of loyalty wasn’t aligned with my own.

But I’ve recently been researching boundaries, to support me on my healing and self development journey.

And after some reflection on this particular conflict, I was able to completely shift the perspective where I had earlier put their opinion or version to one side...and felt so strongly that I was right and they were wrong and instead I can now recognise their decision was them communicating their boundaries, what they will accept from me, and what they won’t accept from me. And it completely flipped my perspective.

It’s also got me reflecting on more conversations in my life right now, and how Im holding back from communicating my boundaries to the people I love.

I wanted to share a couple of tips that might support you if you arent familiar with boundaries and how setting these can improve the relationships around you, and the one you have with yourself.

1. Identify your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual limits

And I mean, pick up a piece of paper, and physically list these limits. How does each of these make you feel? And how can you express this to your partner/friend/mother/inlaws etc.

2. Communicate with compassion

Sometimes when we go into disagreements or conflicts we can be too assertive which sometimes can show up looking like aggression. And it's not a positive or effective way to show compassion when entering into a difficult conversation. Make sure you are drawing on your feminine energy to come from a place of love and compassion.

3. Tune into your intuition

Knowing our boundaries comes from a place of our gut instinct. Your gut instinct is our intuition! Let that support you in navigating your limits. Once you can be aware on you true authentic selves values and core beliefs we can identify our boundaries. But you need to do Tip 1 & 2 for this to be effective.

Trust your gut

Let me know if that helps you! I feel like there is so much more we can discuss here. Boundaries is a BIG topic right now. Do you want to hear a full podcast episode on this? Let me know!

Kris x


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