Today’s guest is Sarah Male aka ‘The Mummy Trainer’ and Founder of TMT Academy. Sarah is a qualified personal trainer that specialises in safe & effective training throughout pregnancy and post partum. Sarah is an advocate for Women’s Health and her mission is to support women to be the happiest healthiest versions of themselves.

Sarah has worked with thousands of women with ‘The Mummy Trainer’s online platform as well as working face to face with clients in her group and 1:1 personal training sessions on the Gold Coast.

Sarah has invested herself to bettering the lives of mothers.

In this episode Sarah shares her experiences in motherhood, and the difficulties she endured returning to exercise with misleading and misguided information. She tells us how she pivoted her career towards focusing on educating herself in pre and post natal care in exercise to support her own post natal recovery which in turn has supported thousands of other mamas.

Sarah also shares with us the WHY behind her recent business launch TMT Academy, and how she is making waves in the fitness industry with her latest online programs.

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