Episode 16 is shared with the beautiful Sammy. Sammy is a Stillness Coach & Meditation Teacher. She is your go to gal for mindset, mindfulness and motivation. Recently launching her online program “Still With Sammy” Sammy has tailored her coaching courses to cater for each and every person on their wellness journey.

Sammy is an advocate for finding stillness in your life through deep connection with our authentic selves. Sammy believes through the beautiful practise of self reflection and stilling the mind we can find an inner peace that is deeply nourishing throughout all the stages of our lives.

I have been on my own journey of tuning into my emotional frequency, and leaning into my inner compass so I was really excited to share a conversation with Sammy, and understand more on about meditation & how she began exploring mindfulness.

To connect with Sammy or enquire about her online programs

Instagram: @stillwithsammy

Website: www.stillwithsammy.com.au

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