Episode 20 with Taylor Peet

Taylor is a Front End Developer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Personal Trainer, and Motocross Rider. She is a full time creative with a fearlessness, and passion for success inside her I guarantee you will feel empowered by.

In this episode Taylor shares her strong pull towards motocross riding, and why she thrives when she is on the dirt track with her mates. She takes us back to earlier in 2020 when her world came to a hault after a life changing bike accident. We also dive into living with anxiety and the key healing modalities in her lifestyles changes that supported her overcoming anxiety…. We also digress into Manifestation & how you can get everything you want in life just by the art of manifesting, and why Taylor believes this is key to success.

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To connect with Taylor:

Instagram // @tayloreve__

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