Episode 17 is shared with the beautiful Danni Duncan. Danni is a Nutrition & Fitness Coach, Blogger and she shares her life, and love for health and fitness on her instagram account The Figure.

Recently diving into her previous side hustle “The Figure” and growing her brand in 2020 in this episode Danni shares her journey in health, fitness & business.

Danni also gives us insight into a time when she struggled with body image and how she overcame these personal hardships through her love for health & fitness. We talk about her transition into motherhood and how she is balancing her expanding business and mum life. Danni and I also dive into motivation vs disapline and why she holds a no excuses, no BS approach in her personal and professional life.

Danni is such a high energy and uplifting woman, I just loved chatting with her so I know you guys are going to love this conversation, please make sure you share this episode to your instagram and tag both Danni and I and let us know what you took away from this conversation.

To connect with Danni

Instagram: @thefigure_

Facebook: The Figure Life

Website: www.thefigurelife.com

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