Part 2 of Inside Out’s Self Love Series. A Series of conversations shared with strong, confident and empowering women who are experts at flexing their self love muscle.

In these inspiring conversations each guest will share her experiences and journey with topics surrounding body image and self worth. These women will leave you feeling empowered, and inspired.

Today’s guest needs very little introduction. She graced Australian Television with her high energy and big personality in Married At First’s Sights Season 6. She was the girl that brought the drama and the laughs and 2 years on is still bringing positive vibes, and plenty of laughs on social media. She is a women who radiates confidence and openly speaks on her experiences with body image in the media.

Radiating positivity, confidence and authenticity this blonde beauty lights up every room she walks into. I am so excited to have join me on the mic today the beautiful Jessika Power.

In this chat Jessika shares her self love journey and brings light to the recent events of body shaming in the media. Jessika shares her relationships while being in the spotlight and how her earlier life has given her the resilience and self respect to always rise above and be the best version of you.

Jess also gives us the exclusive from the All Stars Married At First Sights Reunion Special where she somehow finds herself landed right in the firing squad once again.

Jess is raw, vulnerable and speaks on parts of her life I know you haven’t heard before.

I hope you enjoy getting to know the real Jessika Power in this very special episode.

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Kris x


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