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Today’s guest is the beautiful Ashleigh who you will likely know from instagram as @warrior_woman_wellness

Ashleigh is a nutrition, movement & mindset coach, and is on a mission to connect women to their inner warrior.

In her coaching she has created individualised programming by combining knowledge and wisdom together to empower women to design their own diet template that works for them and their own lifestyle to sustain life time results. Ashleigh provides the science and wisdom in her online coaching programs whilst breaking old patterns and guiding you to reconnect with yourself, and find your inner warrior.

Ashleigh is a powerhouse of knowledge and in this conversation we discuss ??

✖️Diet culture in the fitness industry

✖️Body image

✖️What is health?

✖️Reconnecting with our body

✖️Rebuilding our relationship ourselves

✖️Nutrition mindset

✖️Becoming a warrior in wellness

& so much more.

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