Dr Kirsty Seward is a Dietician on a mission to educate, empower and break our learnt behaviours surrounding diet culture. She empowers women to say goodbye to fad diets, so they can find their happiest healthiest self. She supports women to reconnect with themselves and find peace with food.

In todays episode we talk about diet culture, what is it and how its impacting your life. Kristy shares her experience with diet culture and what changes she’s made in her personal lifestyle tov improve her relationship with herself and food.

We delve into the why behind having a poor relationship with food, and how that impacts other elements of our lives. We talk about why its detrimental to our health to remove diet culture practices like fads and calorie counting. And the importance of educating ourselves what is health and how can we reach a fulfilling life simply by changes our habits with our diets and our mindset.

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