Episode 41 with Nadine Muller. Nadine is an inspirational wearer of many hats. She is a sponsored athlete, influencer, model, speaker, accredited personal trainer, health and fitness professional, military officer & registered nurse. Alongside her various career highlights she’s a dedicated Mum to her two sons, and wife to husband Dane.

In this episode we talk about Nadine’s career highlights, including her health and fitness journey. We chat about Nadine’s experiences in the season of motherhood such as becoming a Military Mum & how that shaped her motherhood experiences. She vulnerably shares her story through surviving hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) to experiencing a traumatic birth and bringing her son into the world prematurely.

As always, Nadine shows up to this episode with love, light and an energy you immediately feel connected with.

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**Trigger Warning** In this episode Nadine shares her experience with birth trauma, if you are someone who has experienced birth trauma, or any trauma please know this episode may trigger you. Ive listed a range a of resources for you to connect with, if you choose to listen to this episode and it triggers past experiences.

Support Services:


PANDA www.panda.org.au

COPE www.cope.org.au

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