Episode 39. Dani Byrnes is a women who wears many hats, she is an Australian Model, Pilates trainer, fitness advocate, content creator, and her most recent and exciting hat, she is a mama to her little boy Jordy.

Dani shares her why she is finally in a flow with wearing her many hats in whichever season of life she is in, and how that has allowed her to feel content with her natural entrepreneurial flare in business.

Dani shares her hardships with being with experiencing symptoms of endometriosis at 13 years old and how she was finally diagnosed with the disorder a short 8 years ago. She openly shares the symptoms she experienced prior to this diagnosis and we talk about where she is in her endometriosis journey now in terms of healing & treatment.

We delve into the challenges and of course magical moments Dani has experienced in her season of motherhood including a complicated birth and post partum recovery.

**Trigger Warning** In this episode Dani shares her experience with birth trauma, if you are someone who has experienced birth trauma, or any trauma please know this episode may trigger you. Ive listed a range a of resources for you to connect with, if you choose to listen to this episode and it triggers past experiences.

Support Services:


PANDA www.panda.org.au

COPE www.cope.org.au

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