Today’s Guest is Carrie Kwan. Co Founder of Mums & Co, and Mum of two beautiful boys. Carrie wholeheartedly believes when women thrive, families thrive. Mums & Co is the movement for business owning Mums who want to launch, grow and scale their ‘Mumbition’

Finding fellow mums who understand what it means to run a business and raise the Little Co is incredibly powerful. Mums & Co is your safe space to network, grow and connect no matter what stage of business or parenthood you’re in. We bring together business-owning mums―like you―so you feel heard, seen and supported. With the right cheer squad by your side winning at the juggle of business and parenthood suddenly seems possible.

Carrie draws on many of her own life experiences in both business & motherhood in this episode, and shares her journey as she transitioned from business women to mum & business women. We talk about the incredible role that mothers play in the business world and why supporting mums and the many hats they skilfully and gracefuly wear is beneficial to your business. We also develop into how to cultivate balance between the hustle, and why leaning into your ambitions is a non negotiable.

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