Episode 34 with the beautiful Courtney McCarty ? Courtney is a mama of 2, fitness lover, business women, coach, spiritual seeker and your happiness cheerleader.

Courtney draws on her past skills as a women’s triathlon coach along with her personal experiences of motherhood to encourage motivate and inspire women to take positive steps to rediscover and redefine themselves.

In today’s episode Courtney shares her journey through motherhood, and how her identity shifted when she became a Mum. She talks about the challenges transitioning from 1-2 babies, and Courtney & I chat about the balancing act that is motherhood and business.

We delve into Courtney’s healing journey and how motherhood has pushed her to go inward and live her life consciously with intention.

To connect with Courtney you will find her delivering inspiring chats on her IG stories, and honest life experiences IG @_courtneymccarty_

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