Today’s guest is Bec Craig. Bec is a Mama of boys, and an Abundance Coach. She is also an advocate for all things self love, body postitivity and health.

In today’s episode we unpack old beliefs surrounding body image and self worth. Bec shares her journey in motherhood and why she has had a huge shift in her internal dialogue and built an abundance of confidence which in turn has cultivated her a life of wealth in ALL areas.

We dive into why our low vibration repells ambundance, and why when we stop playing small and start approving our selves, we find the magic ?

This is a big conversation, with SO MUCH to take in, and take away.

I hope that you enjoy this episode, if you feel something resonates with you I would love you to share to your IG stories, lets spread the word and help me support, and motivate more women who need to hear this conversation.

To Connect With Bec on Instagram @beccraig.funmumclub

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