Episode 30 is shared with my beautiful friend Brittany Carracher. Britt is a qualified Podiatrist, qualified Athletics and CrossFit Coach, part time CrossFit junkie and one of my closest girlfriends.

Britt won two professional world titles in natural body building in ‘Figure’ and ‘Physique’ in 2015 in Canada and the Australian Championship that same year, she still holds her professional card as a natural athlete.

Britt has trained & competed alongside some big household names in Australia and has dedicated her adult life to the sports of both CrossFit and bodybuilding with nothing but her driving force being love for the industry and the work.

Today Britt joins me on the mic to chat all things gym culture, drug use in body building game, and why you need to surround yourself with the right environment to get the best value out of your training.

While my personal journey in health has not been to scale of hers, I have trained all over Newcastle, I’ve had PT’s and coaches for 7 years. I’ve paid for every ebook under the sun from every personal trainer influencer you can think of and as a busy mama who thrives in the gym, I honestly feel like training has become part of my identity, Ive built friendships and connected with some incredible people who I am still so blessed to have in my life today so I am really excited to chat to Britt about her career in fitness as a passion project along with her experiences in the gym and what she has learnt along the way.

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